Fashion Artist in Residence


Bins of donated clothing

Bins of donated clothing in the St. Vincent de Paul warehouse

I am so honored to have been chosen as the 2011 Fashion Artist in Residence by the St. Vincent de Paul, Alameda County. The St. Vincent de Paul has a  great program that allows fashion designers to use donated clothing and household items to create a fashion line. The point of this program is to promote recycling and reuse. I will be making a line of hats from the items that I find in the St. Vincent de Paul warehouse. Once my hats begin to take shape I will post some pictures. I have included a picture above of a couple of the large bins of donated clothing in the St. Vincent de Paul warehouse. I have been spending a large amount of time digging through these bins looking for pieces of clothing that I can cut up and use for my hats. I have come across some really great things!

To read more about the St. Vincent de Paul and the artist in residence program please click on the link below:


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