Panama straws…

Panama Straws, hand blocked and trimmed in linen

Panama Straws, hand blocked and trimmed in linen

I made these hats a few years ago. They are both Panama Straws, hand blocked and then trimmed. The hats are trimmed in a beautiful linen fabric.  I really love this photograph.  I love that the picture is taken of the back of the hats and the models. I also made the matching linen vests that the models are wearing. One of my favorites from my portfolio!

Honored to be a finalist….


I entered one of my hats in a hat competition and I am so honored to be a finalist! The competition was sponsored by the Judith M. Millinery supply house and The National NonWovens Fabric Company. The National NonWovens Fabric company makes a fabric they call WoolFelt. They are marketing the fabric to the millinery trade because the fabric can be used for sewn and blocked hats. All hats entered in the competition had to be made from the WoolFelt fabric. I used their orange color along with a brown Petersham ribbon.

The hat I created uses eleven panels in the crown section of the hat. Each panel is off-set to create the asymmetrical look. I also created an asymmetrical brim to mimic the shape of the crown. I have included a few pictures of my hat. In addition you can follow this link  http://www.judithm.com/pages/contest.php to view a picture of my hat and to see and read about the other finalists and the winners of the competition.

My Early Years……


I have been going through some old pictures and found a few of me wearing a hat, obviously at different stages in my life. My relationship with hats started at a young age and I still love hats today!

Working on my new blog!

Hello there! I have just converted my website over to this blog. I am working on getting it set up and uploading pictures from my hat line. Please check back in a few weeks and I should be up and rolling. Thanks for stopping by!